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Reloaded the Sketchup Pro free trial. It say the 30 day period is expired after only 2 days of use is it recognizing the computer? The choice, according to the page says I can carry on with Sketchup Make, as long as i accept the end user agreement. There seems to be others having this issue and the solution does not seem apparent today.

I have the same issue siwthom reported. I attempt to open SketchUp Make, and a page is displayed with four sections. The top section 1 is static license information for Make. The following sections are collapsable sections: 2 Learn, 3 License, and 4 Template:.

NOTE: There is not a control of any type, e. NOTE: The user cannot return to the previous section or click on another section to view the section contents. The user must force quite SketchUp Make and relaunch the application.

I do wish to continue to use SketchUp Make. That text has probably been written even before SketchUp was acquired by Google. I think the day demo period was introduced in version 8. What happens when the trial period expires and I choose not to pay for a license?

Do I uninstall it and install a free version? Is there a free version of 18 or is the latest 17? Once the trial period ends, SketchUp would quit opening until you supply the license info. It is for personal use. Can you point me to somewhere that explains the major differences between Make and Pro ; just the major features, not the updates and minor fixes. Instead, you should be looking at SU SU includes cloud storage via Trimble Connect and depending on which license you choose, the storage could be unlimited.

When you settle on a version, please update your profile. That info can be very useful. Also add operating system and graphics card model. All of that info can be useful in helping you with questions.

Thanks for the heads up. Wayback machine? Google magic? I was searching for information on using trial versions and what happens when the time expires.



Trial Version Conversion – SketchUp – SketchUp Community.

Do you like tinkering around with new software? Make your ideas come to life. Download a free trial of SketchUp, a premier 3D modeling software today! I think I understand that when the trial period of Pro expires, I can choose to convert it to a free version. Note: When you download this program, it will start as a time-limited day trial of SketchUp Make Pro. After the trial expires, it will.


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